Determining Productivity and Promoting Efficiency in an Organization

Productivity is essential in any business that deals in products and services with an aim of making a profit. All arms of a business enterprise must function in a healthy and efficient manner for it to achieve maximum efficiency. Wasted time, wasted labor or wasted business opportunities reduces the overall performance and competence of any business. When all sectors of a business are trained and monitored on their role in the production chain, a business increases its return on investment. This can be achieved by borrowing a leaf from the principles of Lean Six Sigma for better efficiency.

The lean six sigma - L6 principle believes that manufacturing and enterprise businesses should operate on lean budgets. Further, the L6 module is of the view that the collaborative reduction of wastage enables a business to operate on a level of perfect efficiency. It is a module that is suitable for all types of business to promote productivity. Here's a good read about  Healthcare and lean six sigma, check it out!

In health care, the ultimate wastage is in form of medical errors and it leads to the loss of patients' life. L6 believes that competency in healthcare is as good as life for the patients who visit these facilities. This is a serious concern in many nations around the globe. Statistics show that in the past year alone, more than two hundred thousand patients died due to medical errors in the United States alone. The L6 module believes that improved processes lead to effective management systems. Kindly visit this website  for more useful reference.

The L6 healthcare module is of the view that when the medical facilities systems are automated, a large margin of error is eliminated. This is because automated systems are less cumbersome than manual ones. In addition, automated systems reduce paperwork and the many errors that are associated with them. Another important benefit of automated systems is that even when an error occurs it can easily be traced back to the person who caused it and they can take responsibility for their mistakes. When L6 principles are adopted in health care, medical facilities are trained on the most resourceful use of their assets. For instance, broken down equipment such as x-ray machines can be repaired instead of investing huge sums of money on acquiring a new one. The management could also save funds to replace old and obsolete equipment, instead of borrowing large sums of money to buy new ones.

The productivity of any business should be measurable. A business should strive to incur minimum capital investment to produce maximum output. Efficiency can be measured by factors of production such as labor, equipment, capital and raw material investments. However, in some instances, a single factor of production may not give a good overall view of competence. In such a case, the management interrogates a combination of factors of production to determine the maximum output.